Friday, 8 January 2010

Best run from the big cats . . .

They do look so adorable though . . .

My most recent (and coincidentally), most enjoyable work so far at uni was the reportage project. We had to contact a company, society, charity etc within the community who would be willing to have us work with them, and conduct our own brief wherever we chose, contacting the places ourselves. I came across a big cat centre, a charity, breeding big cats. Having had a love for these animals since i can remember it seemed ideal! This was the most challenging project i have ever done, yet it produced the best results, especially in pushing my drawing skills further on location. The majority of the drawings were on location, large scale a2/a1, as well as on a reel of lining paper when the large paper ran out! Ink seemed to be the quickest and easiest way of catching the cats before they moved, i even challenged myself more drawing with natural elements around me, dabbling with leafs, sticks and bark.

Just a small selection here,
Hope you enjoy the pieces as much as i did producing them.

Any comments greatly appreciated.


Sketch book page. Ink, nib and brush

Sketchbook page. Collaged in photoshop

Spread from final book design - profiles for each tiger i studied. Pen, ink, watercolours, soluble aquarelle.

collage design. Photoshop. Ink, pencil & pen. Letraset

Location sketchbook double page spread - pencil, watered down ink.

20-30 min study of Tiger cub on location. Pencil

One of the few studies i did in my sketchbook before visiting the centre in practice for drawing the real thing, all living, breathing, moving - the real of which proved particularly difficult initially i must admit

Short lion doodle on location. Worked into with graphics tablet & photoshop (one of my first attempts at using my graphics tablet for a piece actually)

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